Don't Hear the Whisper


As darkness creeps in,
As the shadow eats the light,
-the hawk glides low,
-the vulture stands still to observe,
-a bat shrieks cutting the silence,
-the dog howls sending a chilling,
-the owl stares with empty eyes,
-the black veil covers the night,
completing what's required,
it welcomes The Coming.
A baby cries.
A man trembles while his guts is emptied.
A woman grabs a knife and aims it to her heart.
A child wakes up to find his arms tied, his feet strapped and his
body naked.
-blood drenched-
-mom and dad lying face down-
-rats feasting-
And there you are covered with mud, dressed in sackcloth.
In mourning you prayed, waiting for the nightmare to end,
...when it's just beginning.
Can death save you when He comes?
The Father will not hear your plee!
Pity yourself now for hoping can't save you.
You'll wish for death to come,
to die as fast as you can,
but death will not be easy,
for you lack the guts for it to be,
and you'll wish your roots never met.
-Pity yourself-
-Salvation's aint coming-
A small candle far away is lit.
The wind blow but the burned wick only flickers.
The fire will not die.
A conflagration.
The world burns!
You woke up in sweat and teeth chatters
...and you cried,
and you prayed in between bitter sobs.
Later you'll sleep
and it'll start again...
and again...
and again.
Have you forgotten the Oath?
---In silence he whisper,
"I own you."