How to Convert STEEM to Philippine Peso (PHP)

If you're Pinoy like me and new to Steem and Steemit, then you maybe wondering how you can convert your hard earned STEEM to Philippine Peso. If you have 11 minutes of your time, then feel free to watch my YouTube video below to find out how I converted my STEEM to Philippine Peso. The video is originally 20 minutes long but I had to clip it to 11 minutes since most of the 20 minutes was just me waiting for the coins to get transfered from one platform to another. It could have been shorter if only I did not make the error of transferring less than 20 Steem.

Click here if link won't work on your end.

I also created an infographic to illustrate a simpler version of the conversion of STEEM to PHP.
Note that for me to complete the conversion of STEEM to Philippine Peso, I had to use 3 platforms - Esteem, Binance, and I will share the link to all three mobile applications below.

Feel free to message me below if you have questions.

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