Welcome to The Gingerbread House in Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines

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What better way to celebrate the coming holidays but to visit the sweetest place south of Manila. So if you are in the Philippines, make sure to relive your childhood fantasy with your friends and family by visiting The Gingerbread House in Alfonso, Cavite.

Spent time with Redford in TGH. He does not have a Steemit account yet, but will start one soon.

Imagine a house made of sweets and chocolates. A house that'll make you happy, giddy and hungry all at the same time. Imagine the story of Hansel and Gretel without the witch, just the happy place. That's what you'll see and feel when you visit the Gingerbread House. The smell of bread in the morning, and that rich taste of cocoa chocolate milk will take you back to that the time you spent as a kid with your grandparents, and maybe living in the province. Who would not want to be that carefree kid again who dreams of living in a house made of candies? So let's come visit the Gingerbread House today!

This garden path leads to the TGH restaurant.

I took this photo using the Live focus feature of my Samsung A50 phone. So proud of how it turned out.

Well of Dreams

What can you do once you're inside?

You can definitely eat all your favorite sweets and pastries. You can even create your very own gingerbread man. And if you're not into baking cookies, you can definitely take those amazing pictures and share them with your friends via your favorite social media platform, and in my case that's via travelfeed.io as recommended by @katrin-lux

How to get there:

  1. From Manila, (Lrt Buendia) just ride a bus going to Tagaytay/Nasugbu drop off to Brgy Upil(Php.156). Then take a tricycle, tell the driver that you are going to The Ginger Bread House(Php.30.00).
  2. If you are coming from Tagaytay, ride a bus at Olivares going to Nasugbu and get off at Barangay Upli (Php25).

This is my Tiny House

How ever did I fit inside this tiny house?

Check out the snowman that's made of tire behind me.

Yes, they have this at TGH! Yey!

Let's eat, shall we?

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